What’s New

What’s New

New right now is my new book:  Washington State History, a Highschool Resource for Homeschoolers. This has gone live on Amazon as of today, September 4th, 2021 and I am excited.   

My next 30 day Bible Journaling Monthly Study called Faithfulness is in final edits!  It should be ready by October 1st!  You can preorder that one as well for $12.95 (this is a signed copy).  

Are you a homeschool parent?  I would like to offer a monthly newsletter that will give you insights, monthly journaling ideas, daily history and cooking hints and so much more.  You can register at http://www.familyacademy.org in the shopping cart look for Family Membership. We can also help you with meeting state guidelines for Testing and Assessments! Get a discount on teacher services by signing up for the Family Membership program! 

What’s included in the Family membership program?  Well, 10% off our services, our products and resources.  Plus you get the monthly newsletter. For a free  copy of this newsletter, contact me at telliott@familyacademy.org 

I am in the process of finishing two more devotionals and a children’s book for Bible Journaling!   Come back often! 


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