Products for Sale

Products for Sale

Burien Bible Journaling Ministry, the group I started back in 2015 puts together little kits each month. You get verses, clip art to copy into your Bible and some stickers.  These sell fast! Order yours before they run out! Shipped out on the 1st of each month! 

  • 2020 Kits available are: 
    • January – Commitment 
    • February – All About the Heart
    • March – Believe 
    • Focus
    • Moon, Sun and Constellations
    • Being Unique
    • Connecting with God
    • Peace / Rest
    • Grace
    • For the Kids

Some kits are not yet available, check back monthly to see what is available.  Kits are $5.00 each, or you can sign up for $50.00 and get it mailed out automatically each month for 12 months! Save $10.00! 

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New this year are two books, Faithfulness is a 30 day Bible Journaling Study with ideas to journal in your Bibles and a Homeschool Resource Guide for Washington State History.  As a homeschooler with 33 years in so far, and still teaching my own, I have put together a resource that takes kids through Washington State History on a research level. 


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