What’s New

What’s New

We’re so excited! Our next book titled, “Another Year in Bible Journaling” is out! This book will follow you through this past year in our Burien Bible Journaling Ministry. It includes artwork from my daughter, some great stories, ideas on journaling, resources, and much more. Great addition for any Journaler!  


In His Time, a 31 day Bible Journaling Study is available now! This book includes a reflection on prayer, personal stories, Bible Journaling ideas and much more. Custom artwork from my 15 year old daughter and from my husband’s cousin. This is an amazing book. Check it out!


A Year in Bible Journaling, has been updated effective December 2019. This 80 page book that covers all the scriptures used in our Burien Bible Journaling Ministry. It includes art by my daughter as well as my husbands cousin, how to’s, stories, great items to make at home and more.  .  

All three books are available here, also on Amazon world wide distribution!


Purchase any book by using the “Buy Now” button below. We have several other avenues for purchasing, so don’t hesitate to contact the author directly below. 


There are several more 31 day Bible Journaling Devotionals coming! I am contracted to two more in 2020 as well as a Third Bible Journaling book!!! I am also hoping to put out one based off a syndicated newsletter I owned back in the 90’s called Household Hints Newsletter. I will be taking all those great hints and putting them together and hope to have that book out sometime around September of 2020! Keep coming back to learn more!



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