Products for Sale

Products for Sale

Starting September 2019 we will be offering some mail order items that are part of my Burien Bible Journaling Ministry.  Each month I do a topic and create little packaged gifts.  Order yours before they run out! Shipped out on the 1st of each month! 

September’s Sale Item:
  • Succulents – They promote healing.  There are only a couple verses in the bible.  Order your Succulents stickers set today! $3.00 includes shipping.  (sold out) 
  • The White Elephant (handmade bath  & lotions) is offering some specials just for you!  $5.00 includes shipping!  Peppermint Tea Tree Soap.  (new ones available as of Jan 2020! )

October’s Sale Item:

  • Harvest Festivals – There are plenty of these listed in the Bible. You will get a list of the Festivals to cruise thru your Bible with and place pumpkin stickers wherever you need to!  $3.00 includes shipping! 
  • The White Elephant is offering some specials this month:  Pumpkin Spice Bath Salts.  $4.00 includes shipping!  (this is for 2.5 oz size)

November’s Sale Item:

  • Give Thanks.  Receive a napkin or two for the holiday along with verses on Giving Thanks.  $3.00 includes shipping!  (sold out)
  • The White Elephant is offering some specials this month for you. Pumpkin Crunch Soap samples.  $5.00 includes shipping. These smell amazing!  A few bars are left! ;

December’s Sale Item:

  • Receive a Polar Express necklace with either a green or red bell, a key already packaged for gift giving.  All profits go to Puget Sound Academic Center for their art classes.  $3.00.
  • Flower and nativity scenes are part of this month’s sale items!  Complete with verses!  $3.00 includes shipping. – SOLD OUT

January’s Sale Item:

  • Snowflakes and more! Bring in the new year with this popular kit! $3.00 includes shipping!
  • The White Elephant is offering large bath bombs for the new year. $7.00 includes shipping! These are large and heavy.  Well worth the money! SOLD OUT

February’s Sale Item:

  • Hearts and more!  Bring valentines and love into the mix with this popular little kit! This little kit includes a new page from my new book set to release in December 2020! $3.00 includes shipping! 
  • The White Elephant is offering a Loofa/soap combination for $4.00 plus $2.50 shipping.  This little Loofa is awesome!  The soap is fused into the bottom of the Loofa, just hang after use from the shower.  Limited quantities.

March Sale Item:

  • Succulents – There is so much you can do with the few verses in the Bible.  Comes with a page from Another Year in Bible Journaling and stickers. $3.00 includes shipping! 
  • The White Elephant is offering a free list of products available. Email us to receive it by email!

April Sale Item: 

  • Airplanes – What a cute little airplane would look like in your Bible under Isaiah 60:8, where he forsaw people flying through the air like birds to their nests. Airplane travel. Quick and easy to remember! $3.00 get three stickers, and a great bonus item! 
  • The White Elephant is  taking preorders for her Lavendar scented soap! This is heaven in a bar soap! Only available thru preorder.  $5.00 includes shipping! 

May Sale Item:

  • Flowers – In honor of Mother’s day.  You will get some great flowers to add to your Bible. $3.00 includes shipping!
  • The White Elephant is taking preorders for her Rose Soap!  Only available thru preorder. $5.00 includes shipping.

Please order your kits as early as possible as projections show we will sell out early! is the best way!  The White Elephant does require a preorder to make sure she does not run out of homemade soap productts.  Please order today for March thru May’s soap! 


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