Welcome to My Page!

Welcome to My Page!

January Calendar following the Revised Common Lectionary is now available. 1.2020.

What is Bible Journaling?

Bible Journaling is a new creative way of expressing your love for Christ Jesus through your bible. Some paint with acrylics, watercolors, use pens or Gelatos or even stickers. I took a class 4 years ago and have learned more in 4 years, than the 50 years I have been a Christian!

Another Year in Bible Journaling —— New Release 11/26/19

This book is part two of my series in following our Bible Journaling Ministry in Burien, WA. You will follow through keywords that we covered this past year. I have incorporated a calendar to follow, included church holidays and festivals, custom artwork, and another great reading or two. You may order your copy here come Friday, November 29th! Please allow 10-14 days delivery. First print runs will come signed and numbered!

In His Time, a 31-day Study

This study will take you through 31 days of prayer, learning more about God and how everything is done to His timing. I get personal about my life and help you focus on seeing how prayers are answered. There is custom artwork in this, plus Bible Journaling ideas and much more. So far, the reviews are fantastic!

A Year in Bible Journaling

My book, A Year in Bible Journaling follows our ministry from Burien, Washington through a year in Key word verses, stories, crafts and more. It’s a packed 92- page resource everyone should have if you are beginning to journal or are an avid journal-er. This 1st edition book is being revamped, with new artwork, new content and the limited quantities on hand are all that is left. Use Facebook pay with $8.00 to T M Goddard-Elliott.

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